2-4 Sessions

Anxiety is when you feel worried, afraid, tense, maybe about situations and events which might happen or have happened.

It affects how you feel and your thoughts and also physical feelings and this can carry on even when you are not vey clear why it is happening.

There may be good reasons for this, like and allowing you to live your life the way you want to, it may make you think “where is the person I used to be”

Social anxiety can cause issues too, could be an overwhelming fear of being in groups and making you back off from engaging with people. It can make you feel worried about talking or dealing with others which in turn can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem.
Sometimes it can lead to panic attacks and make you feel that you cannot control the physical symptoms which are unpleasant, and this sets off the worry and fears.

If this rings a bell with you, do not despair as hypnotherapy can help you resolve this and let you see things from a different angle, and help you relax and stop the negative thoughts and build back your self confidence and self-esteem.

The number of sessions needed of hypnotherapy will obviously differ because we are all unique, I will discuss with you what may be required after your initial session. Normally it would be between 2 and four sessions, but it does depend on the individual.

Hi Ray,

“I had been struggling with severe anxiety for near a decade before trying hypnotherapy. After my appointment I saw immediate results in which when negative and anxious thoughts arose I would no longer spiral, having an automatic response.

So far it has been the most effective method of dealing with my anxiety and I wish I had done it years ago.”



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