Hypnotherapy could change YOUR life!

The history of Hypnotherapy could well be written as the development of a new approach for accessing and facilitating healing. The days of believing the mind and body to be separate are long gone. We now understand that physical and psychological well being are...

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Treating Anxiety for anyone with Hypnotherapy

Anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy anyone can understand the language used and follow simple instructions. Good hypnotherapy is more than simple suggestions that rely on the suggestibility of a client. Using advanced techniques, I can communicate with the...

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Say goodbye to your fear or phobia

Around 16 million people in Britain suffer from phobias from the usual fear of spiders to the irrational horror of the sight of a plate of peas! So you can overcome any phobia easily, flying, heights, spiders, needles, dentists, public speaking, cats, etc. So do not...

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Boost your confidence now!

If you need a lift or your confidence is at an all time low because of an event which took place recently or in the distant past, then call me here at Hypno-Sense and make a booking to change your life NOW!  You will be glad you did and wonder why you never did it...

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Cleanse and Grow your mind

Now is the time to cleanse and grow your mind, think seriously about yourself and any limiting beliefs, or phobias and fears that you may have had for years, then call us to make a booking and free yourself from them forever! Change you life now! Go to the contact us...

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