The history of Hypnotherapy could well be written as the development of a new approach for accessing and facilitating healing. The days of believing the mind and body to be separate are long gone. We now understand that physical and psychological well being are inseparable.

Ray Bull of Hypno-Sense is a qualified practitioner, based in Seaford in the Southeast of the country can help you make changes in your life, easily, effortlessly, and safely with hypnotherapy.

“Many people still do not understand how hypnotherapy works” says Ray, “ they may have seen stage hypnotherapy which obviously differs from the way I work” Hypnotherapy utilises a natural altered state to gain access to your own inner resources without the conscious mind with its limiting beliefs getting in the way”

Hypno-Sense is interested in helping people achieve rapid and effective change in their lives, hypnosis or trance is simply a state of mind, a natural phenomenon that we all experience everyday.

It is not sleep, but a normal relaxed focus state of attention, characterised by the feeling of well being, muscle and mental relaxation and the ability to apply new ideas to yourself as long as they are not in conflict with your values. I can treat people who wish to quit smoking, which is normally done in one visit.

Weight loss and management can also be achieved through hypnosis along with treating many phobias that people have often had for years, like heights, spiders, flying, public speaking, cats etc, etc. You can also overcome anxiety and become more confident in all areas of your life with one simple relaxing visit.

Even sports performance can be vastly improved by having one session of hypnotherapy; the approach to hypnotherapy is unintrusive, insightful and empowering to the client. It is a chance to share a gift, the gift of peaceful inner awareness and the ability to relax deeply enough to recognise and use the resources that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored. It enables a free flow of information between the conscious and the unconscious minds; this allows you to be more in touch with your inner emotions and imagination. So if you would like to free yourself of habits, stress, fear and phobias along with limiting beliefs and regain your health, focus, self confidence or maybe control your weight then call 07789 071811 to discuss your need.