Anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy anyone can understand the language used and follow simple instructions. Good hypnotherapy is more than simple suggestions that rely on the suggestibility of a client. Using advanced techniques, I can communicate with the unconscious mind and gain access to your own innermost resources.
Hypnotherapy is an extremely dynamic form of psychotherapy, often allowing clients to make rapid changes in a matter of hours. However, I am not a magician and hypnotherapy is not going to be a ‘magic wand’ that is waved over you. I cannot make anyone do anything that he/she does not consciously want to do. Some clients are naturally more analytical and resistant than others and this can delay the healing process. We can get quicker and better results if you the client can keep an open mind and be prepared to give 100% in relaxing and being receptive.

Treating anxiety with hypnotherapy will use several processes and advanced techniques.
Empowering you in the present. Overcoming/Changing any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Healing the past and dealing with any issues from earlier in your life that may still be influencing you and holding you back from moving forward.

I would expect anyone to make noticeable changes and progress after each session and real progress/complete change within 5 hours of hypnotherapy. Many clients will make rapid progress after the first appointment, others may require more… We are all unique and Individual results will vary from client to client.


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