Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

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The medical term for alcohol and drug abuse is substance abuse, which is the way to describe a regular use of drugs or alcohol which can lead to long term problems and patterns of usage. The continual use can interfere with work, school, and dangerous situations like driving and ruining friendships, family and close relationships and sometimes all of these at the same time. The most used drug is of course alcohol which is a legal drug.

Dependence on drugs

Substance dependence is the term used by the medical profession to describe the constant use of drugs and alcohol that even carries on when serious problems occur whilst using them.

Substances which are most often used

Alcohol, Cocaine, Inhalants, Marijuana (weed) Hallucinogens, Methamphetamine and prescription medicines like pain tablets, stimulants, pills for anxiety and stress.

Symptoms of using drugs which lead to abuse and dependence

Drinking large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time than usual.

Continual use and wanting to cut down on drugs but not being able to.

Stopping usual activities because of continual drug use.

Having a craving or a very strong urge to use alcohol or drugs.

Getting more tolerance in taking them more to gain the same effect as before they upped the usage.

How to recognise abuse and dependence on drugs

A psychiatrist or family GP or a qualified mental health professional can normally diagnose if a person is suffering from drug abuse. Some of the following signs are clinical findings of a person who has been abusing themselves for a long time can be red eyes, unexpected abnormalities in their heart rate or blood pressure, anxiety/stress/depression, lack of sleep, weight loss, and constant fatigue.

There is treatment for drug abuse and dependence on drugs

The correct treatment for any drug abuse/dependence is normally diagnosed by a doctor which is determined by factors such as your age and general health and your history of health. The actual substance that you are using and how long you have been using it.

Hypnotherapy has been a proven way of helping people who have had such problems with drug abuse.

If you are really ready to stop your dependence on drugs and alcohol, then book a session and become less dependant on drugs or alcohol.

Ray is passionate about making sure you receive the absolute best service and the greatest chance to become non-dependent on drugs and alcohol.

Hi Ray,

Hope you are well and enjoyed the rest of your weekend.

Just an update after having my hypnotherapy on Saturday morning. I haven’t had a cigerrette and haven’t given it a thought. The only time I think about having a cigarette is after I’ve eaten but it lasts for a split second and the feeling is good as quickly as it comes.

I am out for drinks on Saturday so that’ll be the real test for me. But feeling happy and confident with the results so thank you!

Kind regards,

Charlotte Jarred

Hope you are well ☺️
Just wanted to thank you , it’s been 5 months since I no longer smoke or crave cigarettes . Seemed to be impossible, but you made it happen. Couldn’t be any happier!
Thank you again, I’d definitely recommend your name to my friends !
Roberto Girb

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