Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

2-4 Sessions

If you feel that you have developed a fear of flying, then you are certainly not on your own, in a recent article it was estimated that between 33% to 40% of people have some anxiety linked to flying.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can be a very effective way to help relieve the stress associated with flying and give you back the confidence to calmly travel any distance that you want to.

If you are a seasoned traveller and your anxiety is related to a specific event. It might be that you experienced bad turbulence on a flight or were a passenger on a plane that had a landing that was not correct. This could mean that you are experiencing an emotional reaction each time you think about flying.
In this instance, you have developed a flying phobia.
One or maybe several hypnotherapy sessions can help you to overcome this fear of flying and enable you to feel calm when you do fly.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying. How did this start?

A debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, or feeling. When we experience a phobia, it can start an overwhelming physical and emotional response instantly engaging our fight/flight/ mode.

In simple terms, phobias are our brains’ way of trying to protect us. If you have for instance experienced severe turbulence, then your brain will do all it can to try and stop you from putting yourself in this situation again. If your brain has perceived the situation to be so scary that it could be a threat to your life, then a little disaster movie has been lodged in a part of your brain responsible for memory.

Any time you think about flying your brain responds with fear. This will mean that your body temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate will rise as a result of the production of stress hormones, which can leave you feeling in a state of PANIC. We know this as your fight/flight response. Your body is preparing you to fight or run from danger.

The good news is, it is possible to use hypnosis to safely and quickly remove this fear so you can look forward to becoming a confident flyer.

It is quick and enjoyable to have hypnotherapy to rid yourself of this fear and fly in comfort.

Hypnotherapy for flying – why do I have this fear?

It is perfectly normal for people t have a fear of flying, some people can fly short distances with no problems at all, but if they had to take a longer flight then they the fear kicks in.
.other words, you can board a plane, but you just don’t feel comfortable for the duration of the flight.

Their general feelings of unease and a lack of confidence begin and stop them from flying.

If this sounds like you and it is stopping, you from visiting friends and relatives or doing your job in different parts of the world?

Do you find that flying isn’t a pleasurable experience.

Of course, you just want to be able to enjoy the experience of booking a flight knowing that you don’t need to feel DREAD building up inside you as your departure date approaches.

Call and book to stop this fear of flying.

Hi Ray,

“I had been struggling with severe anxiety for near a decade before trying hypnotherapy. After my appointment I saw immediate results in which when negative and anxious thoughts arose I would no longer spiral, having an automatic response.

So far it has been the most effective method of dealing with my anxiety and I wish I had done it years ago.”



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